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Putting Together Your Resume

In this highly competitive job market, your resume can be your key to scoring that vital interview that will enable you to sell yourself to your prospective employer. If your resume doesn’t provide the right information, in the right order for recruiters, you are at a distinct disadvantage. That’s where The Path to Success come in handy!

We know exactly what recruiters are looking for and the format they would be expecting to see. If you can imagine, a recruiter would need to read numerous resumes for each job ad. If they have to search around for what they are looking for, this can be very time consuming and could result in your skills, experience or relevant qualifications being accidentally overlooked.

How Resumes are Selected

Recruiters can have hundreds of resumes to look through for a single job ad. All of which may be from candidates with relevant skills and experience. It just isn’t possible for recruiters to read every resume that is submitted. So more-often-than-not, they use computer software to select resumes from a database.

Making to the ‘YES’ Pile

The first step to getting your resume chosen from the pile, is for the content of your resume to be relevant to potential search terms. Using common industry terms in particular places within your resume can help with this, but overall the information needs to be on-point and relevant to the position.

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