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Application Letters

Application Letters Gold Coast

You might think that having relevant experience and an awesome resume is all you need to get a call-back. Well, in a lot of cases application letters are the most important component to get right. An application letter provides a window for recruiters into how you would communicate on the job.

How to Write a Great Letter

It is vital to read as much about the application process as you can, in some cases links to position descriptions and application criteria are provided in the job ad. Other times it is a good idea to go onto the business website and find out more about the organisation so that you can refer to your knowledge in your letter.

If your letter is badly written or doesn’t cover topics requested in the job ad, then it can indicate a lack of attention to detail. Particularly important if you are applying for a job that will require large amounts of written or verbal communication with clients or customers.

The Path to Success can guide you through the process of writing an excellent cover letter for your application. There is a definite strategy that you can follow to ensure that your letters are noticed by recruiters, and get you one step closer to that vital interview.

Never under estimate the power of a well written letter!