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Responding to targeted questions Coffs Harbour

When you see a job ad asking for responses to Targed Questions or Key Selection Criteria, do you inwardly groan with dread? Well, the good news is that addressing Targeted Questions or Key Selection Criteria isn’t as hard as you think. There is a particular strategy that can be applied to help you create excellent responses to any questions.

Most people find answering Key Selection Criteria extremely difficult for various reasons. One being that it is very difficult to drill down into what you do every day and relate that back to the questions. However, we can help you to understand how to apply your daily tasks to the selection criteria.

Key Selection Criteria Explained

Key selection criteria or in other words targeted questions are often used in government job ads. You can identify them through the use of words such as ‘demonstrated experience’ or ‘proven experience’. These terms mean that the recruiter would like you to provide a specific example of where you have performed this function.

How We Help

The Path to Success use a strategy called the STAR technique to answer these tricky behavioural questions. We find that most people struggle to answer these on their own, even with an understanding of the right technique. It is often the conversation that is had with us that enables candidates to verbalise their experience that results in really strong answers.

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