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Your resume focuses on your past. Your cover letter focuses on your prospective employer and the future.

Years ago when I was writing my own resume, I discovered that nobody really understood what a resume should contain. It was like the recruitment industry was a secret society that nobody could join.

This took me on an unexpected journey of discovery. I delved into personality types and how personality tests are used to determine suitability for certain job types. I also looked into the hype around behavioural questioning.

Through this experience, I gained an understanding as to why a recruiter may toss one resume in the bin and place another in the ‘yes’ pile. I began to put together a checklist of what recruiters look for in a job application.

Even after all that has changed in the recruitment industry over the past decade, can you believe that recruiters still look for the same attributes in a candidate?

The difference is in the way we deliver our story! Discover a better way to tell your story today!